Immaculate Conception House, Maichew

One excellent example of the work the Daughters of Charity do in early schooling is at the ‘Immaculate Conception House’ in Maichew. Many people in Maichew live below the absolute poverty line. A recent, household survey purported poverty, disability, HIV/AIDS, a high number of orphans, high unemployment, poor housing and poor infrastructure conditions as prominent problems in the area. It is exactly these kinds of communities that the Daughters of Charity seek to help in order to improve the prospects of its inhabitants. Education is a fantastic way to do this. In 2005, the Bethlehem Kindergarten was established in order to provide a pre-school service for the poor, orphaned and deprived children of Maichew. It is always important to the Daughters to provide services for people coming from difficult situations, no matter how young. In fact, the earlier the Daughters are able to provide schooling, the better, as it increases the likelihood of attending primary school at a later date. It can serve to alleviate problems associated with poverty stricken children, particularly when it provides nutritious meals.


The kindergarten provides standard Montessori education for children aged 3 to 6 that includes teaching the alphabet, numbers, social interaction, environmental education, geography, writing and reading. 191 children currently attend the Kindergarten, and all have the opportunity of continuing into the primary school (grade 1-8) also provided by the Daughters of Charity.

The Daughters of Charity would love to be able to continue their good work in pre-schooling by admitting more students and creating new kindergarten services. This goes for rural areas in particular, where provision tends to be a lot less prevalent.